Meridian+ Card

How to get bonus every Tuesday?

If you still do not have Meridian+ card, now its the right moment to get it.
Go to the nearest of most favourite Meridian betshop and ask our cashier to open Meridian+ card for you. In only few moments, card will be yours.
Whenever you place bets at the betshop, give your Meridian+ card to the cashier or just say your first and last name, so that the cashier can find your card in the system. In that way, all your bets will be connected to your Meridian+ card.
The advantage of placing bets in this way, is that each customer has a guaranteed return from the total weekly loss in some percentage.

Return of 5% of looser bets containing from 3 to 7 betting events on ticket
Return of 10% of looser bets containing from 8 to 14 betting events on ticket
Return of 15% of looser bets containing 15 and more betting events on ticket

* The accounting period is Tuesday 00:00 - Monday 23:59

Return will be deposited as bonus money every Tuesday

This promotion is valid only for placed bets at betshops without any kind of system or other requirement on it.

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